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Highly effective composite bonding. Using Venus Diamond

Composite bonding

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Strong low staining white filling materials with low polymerisation shrinkage

Strong white fillings

Clear white braces to starighten teeth on an average of six months. Free consultation available

Cosmetic teeth aligning fillingsCosmetic =

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This method of sandblasting the tooth surface improves adhesion resulting in  longer lasting work and therefore less future dental work


Highlighted Treatments

A  sample of options listed below

We offer treatment that is individually catered for each person.

Very high strength minimal drilling.

All computerised construction minimal human errors.

Full Zirconia Crowns

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Using the latest professional whitening gels to provide safe effective teeth whitening  

Whitening teeth

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Using non latex silicone the rubber dams seal s and stop water running to the back of the mouth during treatment.

No water at back of mouth

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Porcelein mixed with zirconia crowns high strength and maximum aesthetic. Minimal human errors.

Zirconia Porcelein Crowns

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A revolutionary technique developed to replaced missing teeth by directly bonding to adjacent teeth. It can be done without drilling or injections

Fibre glass bridges

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Digital x-rays offer  higher diagnostic functions and lower radiation dosage for safer and more useful investigations.

Digital Xrays

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Occlusal splints to relieve symptoms of Bruxism including migraines, headaches, facial pain, tooth wear, clenching and TMJ dysfunction.

Snoring/Sleep apnoea

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PerioChip is a unique biodegradable chip, which has been shown to be an effective and safe adjunctive treatment for reduction of pocket depth (PD).


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