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Peadiatric Dentistry

Children and dentistry

At The Station Dental Clinic we aim to provide the best service for our youngest patients. We see our patients through from teething, the first wobbly tooth and right the way through to taking care of their adult teeth.

We aim to educate children and parents on preventative techniques to maintain good oral health for teeth and gums that last a lifetime. This includes discussing diet and oral hygiene habits as well fluoride application to prevent tooth decay.

First visits to the dentist can be a scary prospect for many. Our goal is for our patients to build a positive relationship with the dental environment. The friendly and experienced receptionists, nurses and dentists at our practice are fully equipped to make patients of all ages feel at ease. Our dentists use a variety of behavioural management techniques to gain cooperation from our younger patients and there’s always a sticker handy to reward them!

We understand that the early dental experiences are paramount in gaining the trust and confidence of our patients in the future. The new UK wide Dental Check up by One campaign, ‘DCby1’ has been launched by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and Office of the Chief Dental Officer England. This initiative has been launched in the hope to increase access to dental care for patients aged 0-2years. We encourage parents to bring their children in for a check-up before the age of one where one of our friendly dentists will give advice on how best to look after your child’s very first teeth.